An ethical business

Waiting for water in Madagascar - donating to BushProof to help improve access to water as part of being an ethical business

Attention to detail in retrofit – going against the grain

ColdProof is an ethical business – meaning accuracy, honesty, transparency, perseverance and attention to detail in retrofit project planning & implementation. To retrofit of an old house properly requires all these traits, which seem to be lacking overall within the current UK building industry. A ‘get in, get out’ mentality comprised of short-cuts and make-do is incompatible with quality refurbishment, especially when it comes to airtightness detailing.

Impacting clean water provision in Madagascar

ColdProof aims to give 10% of profits as a donation to BushProof, to be used for providing clean water sources to rural villages in Madagascar. BushProof is an award-winning for-profit humanitarian business based in Madagascar that Eric co-founded in 2005, and which is now one of the leading private sector enterprises involved in water supply provision in the country. The name BushProof came from the idea of a product being able to survive in ‘the bush’, which is lingo for ‘the middle of nowhere’ – the founders wanted what they did to be resistant enough in tough and remote environments, and fixable using simple tools. While BushProof is a for-profit business, its mandate is nevertheless humanitarian.

BushProof drilling team - as an ethical business, helping to improve access to water as part of being an ethical business

Consultation & review

ColdProof aims to empower homeowners to take charge of their energy situation, through fostering an interactive planning process to help arrive at the most cost-effective solution to reduce carbon emissions that also fits with other issues and concerns. Following on from the initial report, the real work of hammering out energy and carbon reductions takes place using a shared working spreadsheet that evolves as part of an iterative process of planning improvements and tweaking them according to the available budget.

Encouraging home-grown project co-ordination

As far as possible, ColdProof aims to encourage homeowners to manage their own retrofit projects, as well as actually implementing some of the measures where relevant – this is in order to help maximize carbon reductions for a given budget, since a large proportion of any building project ends up as labour costs. Having said that, ColdProof is able and experienced to carry out retrofit project coordination, but it will not push to be contracted to manage any particular project after the initial analysis is done.

Madagascar photographs © Luke John Paul Barrett.